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I’m Jean ValJean.

Um, not really. I just like the music of Les Miserables.

I am Mary Rexer-Bluhm, or just Mary Rexer to you, blog readers, because they tell me a hyphenated name in the blogosphere is a no-no. Anyway Rexer is easy to remember, right?  It’s a palindrome… spelled forward and backward the exact same way: R-E-X-E-R, R-E-X-E-R. M picNow if only my name were Bob or Ava or … which would make me a double palindrome but no such luck. I leave that to my sister, Nan.

Other than the quirk of my last name I’m a pretty regular Mary. I am lucky to have inherited a happy and positive outlook in life from my Mom.  My Dad gave me his big eyes and long lashes and maybe a an inch too much of nose. He was also the kindest man I knew. Those two loved each other for 45 years.

I have a Masters degree in Counseling and  have worked as a cancer research administrator since 1987 at a big 10 university. My dream, though, is to become a writer. A WRITER. Yes, indeedy. This blog is my way of exploring the stories I have within me, putting them on “paper”, i.e. the blog in hopes that, with my own unique voice, I can create something enjoyable and – dare I hope – profound fiction. I have also finished my first novel, Eight Years Between, and hope to find an agent and publisher in the near future.

I am married to a wonderful man, have two pretty cool stepkids and my love for my great nieces spans the boundlessness of infinity. I have a core group of dear, dear friends from my college days at Michigan State and we tumble through life together.  My family, stalwart and true, are the loves of my life.

I am one of the very lucky ones.405688_2912345335151_1435217380_n

You can find me on facebook at maryrexer.com and also on twitter: @maryrexer


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  1. Dawn Bromberg

    I have always thought that you have your mom’s eyes. I spent a lot of time evaluating them from behind the chair, and her eyes (and yours) are also like your Aunt Hattie’s. Baker eyes. And you do have her spirit, too. I agree that your dad was the sweetest, gentlest, and perhaps kindest person I have ever known. My dad thought so, too.


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